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A platform for developing and deploying web applications

Features and Benefits

Focus on Development

Worry about your application rather than infrastructure management. We’ll patch the operating system and platform software while you focus on development.

Fast Development Enviroment

Click the Sign Up link above to start provisioning your development container. Once subscribed, you can create development environments in just a few minutes.

Choice of Languages

Choose from a list of popular programming languages and frameworks. Numerous community-supported starter code will get you going with other software options.

Enterprise Infrastructure

The service is hosted on server class hardware and is maintained by ITS personnel whom already provide enterprise-level management and support to critical university software applications.

Vendor Support

By using RedHat’s OpenShift Container Platform product, vendor support is available to assist when local resource options are exhausted.

It’s FREE!

To facilitate the academic and research application development needs of the University, students, faculty, and staff get 5 development containers for free.